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First at all, I want to give a deep and enormous "thank you" to you all, just for taking time to reading this lines, and maybe looking at my youtube channel. My first work to show is in one of the post below.

I'm Manuel Hai from SevenPhotons channel in youtube. Performing artist, physicist and huge fan of Game Of Thrones (TV and books). I normally work in the stage, but recently I've been producing short audiovisual products for clients (2016, 2017). So, I'm beggining to launch several videos performing around different proposals I've been having in my heart since a long time ago....just for the love to creation. The first of those is "A Game Of Thrones Dance" (The Weapons Dance), a videodance that just go online today (may 24, 2018, see it here or in the post right below). On the other side, I've been writting short stories, novels, stageplay, screenplays and others pieces of literature since I was a child (I won a couple of prizes in spanish).

With better budget comes even better videos (less suffering, more quality): you will see it when I publish some behind the scenes showing you the aventures of low-cost video'll be surprised. Sharing my channel is another very appreciated way to contribute to my work, because I don't gain any money by monetizacion yet and, anyway, I sometimes use some copyrighted material. But increasing youtube views usually increase the number of subscriptors, which is a step I need to take.

As a reward, you're going to be inside our creative circle; perhaps you have great crazy ideas we can share and put in practice (no matter how weird or dreamy they seem). The videos I make are not always serious and not always comedy: as long as we have enough skills, knowledge and resources, anything from Shakespeare to nuclear astrophysics is on the table, including any parody or creative explaining of a concept. Right now I'm working on a Game Of Thrones Rap, a rare staging of Othello and an explaination of a physics concept (my past videos works as the draft of my future ones).

Valar artemis.
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I'll publish my behind the scenes video, where I show how I did every part of Game Of Thrones Dance (The Weapons Dance)....and I'll begin to pay some debts I got from it... -.-

It was a lot of work, and I actually built several things for it (and I can tell you the story behind the templary sword/daggers and how I got them)...and the moves, weapons and acrobacies I let out of the video in edition.
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