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At $2 per month you are the backbone of all the work I do, the foundation for everything you hear! The most important and essential part of nearly every bit of music you hear. At this level you will receive:

 - Exclusive access to "Patron only" stream with videos and regular posts on what I'm creating. 

 - Downloads to all new music as it is released! (At least one new song per month)

 - Download access to the latest album with Late Night Transit  "Everything In Between" 

Rhythm Section
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At $5 per month you give the music motion and create momentum for much more music to come! Without you it's impossible to grow. At this level you will receive:

 - Everything from "The Bass Line"

 - Exclusive access to demo and scratch recordings of upcoming songs before they are fully produced and released.

 - Early release of videos and music before anyone else in the world hears it!

 - Instant access to download back-catalogue of both Late Night Transit albums including "Waiting on David: Live"

Lyrics and Melody
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At $10 per month you show your interest in the details of the song. It isn't just about the "beat" for you. You want to know what the song is about, how it came to be.

 At this level you will receive:

 - Everything from "The Bass Line" and "The Rhythm Section"

 - Monthly group Skype sessions where we can talk about songwriting or music production or whatever comes up!

 - I'll mail you a handwritten lyric sheet of your choice and a personal thank you letter if you remain at this level for three months.




This is your chance to get all the music you want from Seven Pound Thesaurus and support the continued writing, recording and production of future work. Music driven by the song and the story rather than the style or the trend. At the beginning of 2018, my wife's work in global health took us to Malawi for 6 months. For the first time in my adult life I had only one goal for a full 6 months: write new songs. Now I have a notebook and hard drive full of new music and I can't wait to share them with you!

What is Patreon? 
Crowdfunding creations - like Kickstarter or Indigogo but ongoing so that it creates a sustainable income for artists (like me) and continued exclusive content as it is created rather than every time a new album comes out. 

Why Patreon? 
Apple Music pays about $12-15 per 1,000 streams and YouTube pays about $1 per 1,000 streams. It takes between 30 and 40 hours on average to write record and produce a song, not to mention all of the hours of promotion, graphic design and video production. Nor does that include the cost of the recording equipment. It would take 100,000 streams on Spotify to buy a decent microphone. It would take 3,000,000 streams on YouTube to pay the average mortgage in Seattle. The only way to have a sustainable income as a musician today is through self-distribution. Patreon takes only 10% of an artists funding (5% for payment processing).

Why not get a real job?
I have one - I paint houses. It's a great job that pays well. But there is a catch...the more houses I paint, the fewer songs I write. So as with everything in a capitalist economy, your demand will determine how many songs I write this year and how many houses I paint. If you want more songs, become a patron.
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