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I send out all sets at the end of every month!

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About me:

Hello! I am Seviria Cosplay from Canada and I am 23 years old! I have been cosplaying since January 2015! That was when I made my very first cosplay, Snowstorm Sivir! I went to my first convention in August of 2014 and I fell in love with the entire scene. When I saw the amazing things people were creating from some of my favorite games and TV shows I couldn't help but want to join in on the fun as well!


I went into this hobby with 0 crafting skills, I had never made a prop before, I had never sewn before. A friend taught me the basics of sewing, and I used a sewing machine we found at thrift store. I was hooked from day one! The list of things I want to do continues to grow every day, and I am always full of new ideas. I would love to have the time to make all the things I want to make, but on top of being a full time student year round, I'm not left with very much free time. Currently I'm in my fourth year and working towards completing my bachelor degree.

Why do I cosplay?
I cosplay because I love having a creative outlet, and being able to create anything I want, no matter how crazy!  Another reason I cosplay, and this is really the main reason, is because I love the design of so many fictional characters. I love their personalities, their attitudes, everything about them! I have an innate want to bring those characters to life in any way that I can. I am so so grateful that I have the ability to do this, and that I have such wonderful people in my life who support and encourage me. 

Why Patreon?

I was hesitant to embark on this journey into patreon for a few reasons.

1) I highly agree with the statement that cosplay is not a privilege, it’s a hobby. If you can’t afford to pay rent and make costumes, then you shouldn't be making costumes. Your hobby should never come before your basic needs for survival. While I’ve never had to sacrifice any "real life" necessities, being a student and working is exhausting. I make enough money to support this hobby, but just barely. Being able to have extra funds would simply mean I could travel to more places,make more cosplays and have the ability to make more elaborate cosplays, with access to better (and more expensive) materials.


2)  I never want to take away from what I am giving to my fans, and all the people who support me. I was under the impression for the longest time that having a patreon would deprive the fans who support my work outside of patreon of content. But that's not the case, Patreon isn't a place that takes away from what artists are sharing with their fans, but actually pushes creators to go above and beyond what they are currently doing to create separate content for both channels. So you can do everything you normally do for your fans, and you also can create special content specifically for those who want to see you do even greater work.


3) I see my friends who have Patreon working so hard so that they and their supporters are happy. From what I can see it’s totally doable - but its very time consuming. Not being able to keep up with this was another one of my fears. Since Patreon is an incentive based system, I want to be able to offer rewards that I think are fair, but also that are doable for me.

For those reasons I was hesitant to jump on board, but after some gentle nudges from friends and fans I was ready to take on that responsibility, and everything else that comes with it. 


Why should you pledge? How do Pledges even help?

Well to answer that question: it’s totally up to you. If you want to help support me in this crazy hobby? That’s amazing, and thank you so much! And if you don't? That's cool too. As I said, it’s entirely up to you!

As for how pledges help, let me break it down.

1$ could cover the cost of a sheet of craft foam.
5$ could cover a can of spray paint, or a tube of contact cement.
10$ could get me a meter of most basic fabrics, or it could cover a sheet of insulation foam.

25$ is enough to cover the little extras I need for a cosplay, accessories like socks and shoes, gloves, belts, glasses...
50$ could cover something like a roll of EVA foam, which is the foam I’ve used for mst of my armor.
75$ is incredibly generous! That could cover different plastics I might need, such as acrylic or PETG. 

100$ could cover an entire roll of worbla, which is the most expensive material I use, but it is by far the best. 
So that's a little bit about me, why I chose to make a patreon and how your support can make a difference! 
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