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About Zekt Kai with Sew Kewl Cosplay

Hi! And welcome to Sew Kewl Cosplay!

I started in historical reenactment and pre-professional dance, moving to cosplay after discovering Comic Con. Nearly every cosplay I wear is hand made, and the patterns are often created by me as well. I style wigs, build armor and props... I love tackling any challenge presented to me. This is why I also offer commissions locally.

My joy and passion is to become a character in every aspect. Not just to have an eye to detail during construction and look like them, but also in how they move, speak, and act. Bringing them to life in any way possible. So that you may feel they stepped off the screen.

Based in Colorado, but rapidly gaining a fanbase nationally and internationally, I created this Patreon page not only to assist in being able to create more cosplays and video/photo content for everyone, but also to raise money to travel to conventions around the world. You have all voiced that you want me to travel to a con near you, but the hard reality is that this cannot be done without your help. Here are some things I ask you to do...

1. Message your conventions and send them my pages. A convention will be more willing to bring someone down as a guest cosplayer if they know people want to see them. Making it worth it for the con.

2. Support financially, if you can. Conventions don't cover everything, and this will help me get to you. Every little bit helps. Even a couple of dollars. This money will also be used so I can spend time and energy making more cosplays and cosplay goodies for you! There is a lot planned and it cannot be accomplished without your help and support!

3. Keep being the awesome person you are! I do this for you. So, keep pressing on, and never give up on your dreams! 

My goals are to teach people about cosplay and how to make things they see accurate; but also is to encourage people to never give up on a passion. No matter what it is. If you care about it, keep on doing it.

With your monthly support, I will be able to make new cosplays, new versions of the characters you already love, have professional photoshoots done more often, make cosplay music videos, video skits, cosplay dance videos, and travel to multiple out of state (and possibly out of country) conventions each year.

Thank you for your support as I keep making dreams become reality!
~Zekt Kai

Facebook: "Sew Kewl Cosplay Design"
YouTube: SewKewlCosplay
Instagram: @sew.kewl.cosplay

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Rin Okumura dance video!!!
This goal is to cover the cost of equipment, rent a space to film, special effects that will be used, and to pay the film crew. The video will then be posted on our YouTube page.
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