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I'm Danielle, a long-time blogger and, more recently, self-portraitist. Like many bloggers, it's more a compulsion than anything else. However, regular funding would permit me to focus more on in-depth content creation and long-form pieces, as well as purchase desired equipment. I've been blogging at Sex, Art, and Politics for many years now. I enjoy the space I occupy, bridging gaps among mainstream politics, art created by people on the margins, video games, and television while framing content with a queer and trans sensibility.

While you can peruse the archives for a sense of the patchwork narrative I've created, I'd love to create the space to tackle these aspects of cultural criticism with time-consuming research and writing. My artistic concerns lie largely with promoting and exploring the work of artists of color and queer artists. I've done deep, though often whimsical, analyses of Twin Peaks, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and am currently applying a similar treatment to Revolutionary Girl Utena. My political analyses tend towards issues of healthcare, gun violence in my hometown of Chicago, and national-level policy. My approach to sexuality and gender considerations is intimately informed by my experiences as a queer trans woman and masochist. In addition to posting about games as I play them, I focus on issues of representation alongside games as text and how they reject critical approaches designed for other visual and literary media.

My reason for requesting funding is so that I can not only continue with the work I'm currently producing, but to both expand and focus it more acutely. Primarily, I would like to produce more formal writing on issues of gender, sexuality, and racial representation in games and television. This sort of work requires a large commitment of time to ensure accuracy to properly incorporate and attribute existing critiques. In addition to long-form critical writing, I would also like to conduct interviews and other artist-focused journalistic pieces, highlighting production methods and the political aspects of content creation.

My photographic work is primarily focused on presentation and body form. I enjoy exploring the dynamic between point of view and formal structure along with the body as a narrative site. I would greatly appreciate increased funding to continue examining these concepts with more sophisticated and elaborate equipment and props.

Whether you are an old or new reader of Sex, Art, and Politics, I hope you'll consider putting a few dollars towards these endeavors. Thank you.
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Will create an in-depth examination of gender and sexuality in video games, games criticism, or games culture per each $100.00 pledged
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