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Want to show your ongoing support but mainly just check-in from time to time to see what we’re up to? Just add a tip to show appreciation. Everything contribution counts and is much appreciated
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Hello everybody in 2020!


After continuously teaching my dance classes for 20 years now, this year presented so different now with the current covid-19 pandemic. However, as soon as the situation started getting serious, I sworn to myself I would not allow this to stop me from sharing the gift of dance with my students. So I quickly started the efforts to move my classes online.

Setting up to teach online included moving to a paid account on Zoom as well as the purchase of additional equipment. I have so far spent $320 in new equipment that I bought solely for this reason, and I might need some more elements to make the students' experience really great. I also lost track of the number of hours invested in learning about audio and video, but learning is something nobody can take away from me now.

I am still charging for my classes (basically I had charged many of my students at the beginning of March for March-April registration, and most embraced the new modality wholeheartedly, however not 100% were ready to move online. That's why I need to make the experience better and better to inspire more of them. Some new students actually joined, but it is still a huge effort to run technical audio/video checks and to pay for the gear. I would also like to be able to offer a sliding scale for people in precarious condition, people whose livelihood has been significantly affected financially by the situation, offering them discounted rates. But of course, I need to be able to sustain my efforts first in order to offer the classes all together.

If you feel inspired to help me in my mission to bring connection, joy, art, exercise and more to the community, please consider a contribution so I can continue and improve my efforts to offer these online classes.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Shimmies and virtual hugs...

April 5, 2020

Seyyide Sultan is well-known in New England as a teacher, choreographer and performer of Egyptian Raks Sharqi and Middle Eastern dance. She has been teaching oriental dance since 2001, including mentoring and teaching special programs for some institutions (Pingree High School, Boston University) and workshops at some regional and national events. She has produced, directed, choreographed and performed for oriental dance staged shows, for example, “Helwa: From Cairo to Boston” (2017), partially supported by a grant from Arlington Cultural Council.

Seyyide founded her company Sarab-Mirage several years ago. Our mission is to present a choreographic version oriental dance on stage, to bring art to the local community, bringing up joy and other emotions, on top of exposing them to a different culture that the west knows little about, thus helping to erase erroneous stereotypes.


In 2018 Seyyide has been awarded another grant from Arlington Cultural Council (ACC, an agency that depends from MCC, Massachusetts Cultural Council) to produce another staged show programmed for the Fall. This grant only covers the cost of the production partially.

The video below shows the highlights of our show 2017. This year 2018, the project is more ambitious, starting by the fact that we are doing this in a bigger theater: The Regent Theater. The show has a date set already: November 18.

If you become a patron, you will be contributing significantly to the realization of this show in November, and if you continue to be a patron that will help us repeat the experience presenting more shows.

Hello from Seyyide! This year we have not secured any grants to fund my work choreographing or producing new dance pieces. However, I still have been working on new choreography and training a new local group of dancers. 
I'm excited to have my choreography accepted into 3 festivals for 2019:

Dance For World Community, Saturday June 8th,
Arlington Porchfest, also on June 8th
and The Festival of Us at the Dance Complex, Sunday June 23rd!

However, I am only given a small amount in some of these festivals and in others I'm not paid at all. Meanwhile, we require money for costumes, and specially for rehearsal space, videography, etc. That is without counting the significant amount of time that I have dedicated to this work of love.

If you are able to donate a small amount to fund my dance work, that would be greatly appreciated.  

All of the festivals I am showing my work are free and open to the public, so please come out and see us!

Most of the pieces being performed are new. Costumes are new. We always focus on the authentic oriental dance (raks sharqi) style with music from Egypt and Lebanon.

Sarab-Mirage is so grateful for your continued support over the years and hope to see you at a performance this summer!

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