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About Shiro the Hero

Hey guys!
My name is Flo and I'm creating YouTube videos.
Most people know me by my alias 'Shiro the Hero', or just simply 'Shiro'.
As I'm not a native speaker, my pronunciation may not be perfect 100% of the time, so please bear with me :)

So, what kind of videos do I make?
I make all kinds of videos about anime, manga, games, light novels, web novels, wuxia novels and stuff like that. If there's something that's really annoying me or just something random I want to make a video about, you might see that as well.

For a few years I've been thinking about starting a web novel series, but I haven't yet decided on whether or not I'll do it. In any case, I'll inform you about it once I make a final decision.

Now, why did I make this Patreon page?

That's because having money to buy food doesn't sound like a bad thing to me.
While I'm obsessed with writing (and occasionally making YouTube-videos), I completely disregard all the other work I'd have to put in to ensure basic survival. Which is a foolish endeavour, I'm well aware. But hey, wouldn't life just be boring if I took the easy way out?
I-I swear I can stop writing any time I want! It's not like I'm addicted to planning out worlds and creating characters, b-baka! (<- obligatory cancerous joke)
All jokes aside, I could honestly really need your help. So if you don't mind supporting this fool's journey to transcendence, and finally, immortality, feel free to send a few bucks my way, so I don't run out of basic sustenance on the way. I'll send a few immortal elixirs your way and might just ask my beloved assistant, truck-kun, to let you transmigrate... you never know~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

All of this also works as some kind of motivation for me. I easily lose motivation and interest, so seeing people being ready to spend some of their hard earned money because they enjoy the videos I make or just want to support me... it really means a lot.
$5 of $50 per video
I'll be able to use this money to help upgrade my video quality. Whether that's through buying a new camera or other slightly professional equipment, the doors shall open to new levels of video quality!
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