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About Martin M Sheriff

I'm trying to secure the virtual and real world. I graduated from MVTC in the year 2015, and Monrovia YMCA in 2014, I work for IMF in the Republic of Liberia from 2015-2016 during the "Ebola" periods. I did Computer Sciences at Harvard University online program with LinkedIn Inc. & Opportunity Group on LinkedIn Marketing and Programming Program from 2014-2017. I am a "Candidate" at MIT ID is; 2184249, Username: Sheriff_Jr, Courses Robotics Engineering, Data Sciences, Uber (AI) Artificial Intelligence Robots, and Cell Management. I built my domain with an "Open Source" networking platforms with integrated applications across the globe. I'm the Founder and Chief Executive Director/CEO at Global Village Network Inc. I founded the United Friends of YMCA in Monrovia YMCA in 2013.
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