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Thank you so much for helping me do what I love. I'll send you a thank you note, and your name will be in the credits of my next song on Youtube. I will also give you a free download for every song I release!

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Join the Shade Squad Server (SSS) on Discord! Bunch of cool people all hang out there! You will also get a Thank you message, credits on the next song on Youtube, and a free download for all song release. ALSO! Everytime I get a song finished, I'll publish it here for you before releasing it anywhere! EARLY ACCESS! This could be waaay before it ever gets released!

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About ShadeLock

I'm just a pretty chill dude who really loves music. I started making music as a way to drag me out of depression. It's one of the few things that motivates me now and I love making dope songs. They're probably not all the greatest, but I think there are a couple songs you'll like! By donating, you're helping me continue to make poppin' beats, and helping prove my parents wrong!

Disclaimer: My parents are actually super supportive of me making music so yeah thanks mom and dad.
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When I hit $50 a month, I'll be able to wave it in front of my parents as proof I have a future. I'll start live-streaming 3 times a week the process of making music!
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