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It may not seem like much but it is a heartfelt shout out.You obviously were part of our community as a friend and I will shout your name far into the dark reaches of the shadow realm for all to know. As a streamer there are certain requirements to become a partner of twitch. I have not currently met them but If you are willing to treat me as a partner I would be grateful. As you can see it says 3.00 when twitch charges 5 it is because the partner would only receive half the amount you pay to subscribe on twitch. But you must be wondering why not 2.50 that is because 50 cents is given to patreon for their wonderful service.
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You obviously shown you are more than interested with our community and how our stream is forming. So why not not come onto raid call where I will bring you in to be a main star into our stream for the night? If you are willing to pay this amount thank you very much it is quite amazing that you believe I am worth the actual full payment. Thank you very much and know it will help with the proceedings of my stream.... no of our stream
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I will give you a shout out of course and will provide access into my personal Discord. We can talk and get you can get well versed into my community.




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I will tell you as you were younger gaming was a wonderful time that takes up quite a bit of time. I love to stream now and I mix in my normal gaming with my streaming. But with age comes responsibility / school and bills. I would love to continue streaming and doing everything else as well. I may require some assistance I take care of a dog, a cat, tuition and bills itself. Streaming needs equipment, maintenance and actual games. These are things that can cost a bit of money. I am not charging you for my streams it's still free but I would not mind a bit of help if you are willing. Thank you for  reading and considering being a patreon to me and have a wonderful day.
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It means that this is possible I want to keep this going as an business and well a beautiful Hobby.
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