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Everything with a dollar will get you:

A big thank you! 

Video cover art

Your name in special thanks credits at the end of a video and in video info!

Random Sfm Pictures I make. 

Video day or two early. 

Test/goof off videos that I do for fun.

Preview to upcoming projects ( No spoiler scenes) 

Thought videos. (My wife and I watching cutscenes of sonic games ONLY for Patreon)

Preview of models. (when they are complete)

Discord Server room! Chat with me and others! 

Gif Sundays! (Testing)  




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About shadow759

Who is Shadow759?
Hey everybody this is shadow759, and I have been on Youtube for 10 years and going! This website is intended for helping me get new content out to all of you who enjoy my work on YouTube. 

Why Give You Anything?
 Animation and voice work and writing stories take time. With Patreon I can have more time to work on the videos that so many of my fans want. I will also have more time to adequately work on the abundance of projects I already have. Your donations would go towards making sure that my wife and I can fill in some of those financial gaps, cutting back some work hours (which means more content out for you all more frequently) and to make sure that we can be fully equipped with materials needed for videos/game-play.

What Do You Even Do?
All kinds of videos but I am best known for the Sonic stuff such as:

Sonic Reminiscent (being my largest longest running project, it is a comedy/action/drama series.);=...

Sonic The Hedgehog Inceptive
( A Prequel story arc to both sonic reminiscent and sonic 2006.  It's made in source Film Maker.  it is a  comedy/action/drama Series.)

Shadow and Silver Watches series (a comedy series of Shadow and Silver watching a variety of SEGA trailers.)

The Blaze Movie:

Shadow759 Compilations of MANY videos I do.

Over all a variety of different shorter videos such as Tails Goes on a Date, Blaze Trapped up a Tree, PSA messages, etc.
Not just Sonic but others as well on the many things I enjoy like Mario and Zelda animes etc.
The software I use for my videos are:

Garry's Mod.

Source Film Maker.
$62 of $80 per month
I can start working on a bunch more stuff like in game dubbing story for you guys. 
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