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Creatures that freely do as they please!

At $1 per month you'll be able to access our Patreon only blog to give you more in depth news on what we're doing. This includes other projects we're currently working on so you'll be in the know before even your friends do! You'll also gain early access to our video's as soon as we're finished making them and we'll send you a unlisted link on YouTube so only you guys will see it. This way you'll be the first to love or hate our video's, but we aim for you guys to love them. :)

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A worthy beast that takes to the skies!

At $5 per month as a special thanks you'll be able to get a 5% discount, on us, for our merch at our official Shadow Beast Productions store!

This way you can look fly with our merch while also shopping for cheap!

Here's the link to our store to check it out:

All previous rewards will be available as well.

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A beast most famous for it's fearsomeness and brutality!  

At $10 per month you'll have access to all of our bloopers and behind the scenes! That's right! You'll get to see all the screw ups we've done during our recording sessions as well as behind the scenes look of the goings on of Shadow Beast Productions! It's mostly just us doing a bunch of shenanigans. XD

All previous rewards will be available as well.




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Hello future patrons and welcome to Shadow Beasts Productions, also best known for making Kabaneri Abridged!

We are a group working passionately to bring enjoyable parodies, videos and content. We do our best at our current state. But truthfully speaking we're broke, it's hard and this project needs more than our meager bosses peasant salary and tears to keep us going. We dream big and need your help so we can bring the chills, thrills and laughs we all need in life. And this is where Patreon comes in!

If you're able to support us on Patreon we'll be able to make a concrete schedule for us to create content more consistently, add more people to our team in helping us make quality content for you guys and also stop spending on large supplies of Sh*t in a Bag. We promise we'll definitely do two out of the three things that were mentioned! Of course if you contribute by being our Patrons you'll get some of them sweet perks and exclusives on our Patreon that you'll never get anywhere else but here! Simply put if you support us we'll be able to put out content faster AND you'll get bonus's for helping us along the way! We don't want to get too in depth about the perks here as they're all subjected to change as time goes on but trust us you won't regret it..... probably.

We want to make something very clear. We will never, ever, Ever.... and did we mention EVER have intentions of charging you for any of our content and all content shall remain gloriously posted on YouTube. However with your support we can provide content more frequently and maybe even show you a few other surprises along the way. And instead of being stuck at our crappy part time jobs we'd want to be doing a full time job dedicated to you guys!

Sincerely, Shadow Beasts
P.S. Did we mention our fate is in your hands. No? Please be gentle..... :'(
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If we make it to this goal we can produce faster content for you guys as well as being able to buy better equipment. Also you earn our everlasting gratitude...... until we need nicer things!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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