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Long long ago , when I had a lot of stress at home and working a stressful inventory job at wal-mart , Burnout/depression started to get the best of me. I didn't have any real friends or any virtual online friends for that matter mostly due to being a geek and part of the furry fandom at heart . and i would often spend a lot of my time away from the house when i could. I was under extreme depression mostly due to being abused when I was at home.

One day I when I went to work I noticed a Kawasaki KLR sitting at the end of the parking lot.. It was only about 1k + , although It was against all of my morals and logic to even think of riding a motorcycle due to how dangerous it was and how my mother had always forbidden the thought of it , I never thought twice of riding .. The following day before work I had got into a fight with my then stepdad and was at a all-time low in my life , I was seriously contemplating doing something bad , So later that day when I went to work I had gotten a Spark of rebellion and outright purchased the motorcycle from the owner.

It was my first bike and I had absolutely no experience on how to use it.. never even turned one one before, the closest I had ever came was riding a bicycle , and even that was something I had not done for years! , So as I was at the bank after I purchased the bike , with title in hand and it sitting there waiting for me , I spent about 10 min just figuring out how to turn it on...

I would have figured it out sooner but during this time , YouTube was not even a thing..
Eventually I figured it out
Then the next problem was how to get it to move , that took even longer to figure out .. but I am a very fast learner , and then I figured out how to put it into first gear.

The Motorcycle started to roll for the first time with me on it .. and I was utterly Terrified ,I had no helmet , no gear , no experience , no motorcycle` licence .. but I also had nothing else to lose.

So I crept it out of the bank's parking lot , took a big breath and jumped onto the road .
starting out at about 10mph , I felt overwhelmed by fear a little sick , but when I hit around 30 mph a half mile down the road , That overwhelming fear was starting to combated by some strange feeling I had never felt before , This indescribable feeling that felt like calming I had only felt long before when I was happy with being loved by my mom.. a type of happy that I had been deprived of for year..

By mile 2 ,the fears was still there ,but was far beaten by the joy that had sprung in and I was addicted!

At that point , I had change , I was happy , NO drugs had ever made me this happy.

After my first ride ,I called off work day & I went to a yard sale and picked up a $5 helmet and Got my motorcycle permit , and rode all day around town..

in the following 6 months I got better at riding I had Saved up money and bought my 2nd Bike .. a 250 Ninja .. and loved it just as much as the KLR..

Later that first winter when I had to put the bikes up .. I got pent up without being able to ride.. The depression started to come back and life started to circle back into that dark void...
So I searched on the internet to find if there was anything I could do with motorcycles while I waited..
After a good bit of searching .. I found a few people that had posted there ride videos on the internet of people with camera attached to their helmet riding motorcycles .. some even had modified their setup to include their own audio.. It was not as good as riding myself but it made me happy and got me thru the winter ...

That following spring , I saved up money and did took all my research from that winter and Bought myself a AS10 Sony action camera and mounted it to my cheap $5 helmet , I was even lucky enough to put my computer tech skills to use and got a part time job at a motorcycle shop as there head computer tech , I was set up and ready to go!

That following summer , I made a vow to Make content for other to enjoy , I wanted to show people what joy can be like when riding a motorcycle ..especially those people that cannot due to weather or disability .... So I made my first motovlog..

And the rest is History ...

Fast forward a year and add some furry roommates with living out on our own ,And here we are..

My goal Here is to give back to everyone I can with creating content that is worth other people enjoying , I have always wanted to make people happy and want to have the funds to keep this dream an active reality ,to do it for every abused child , Lonely teen , or bullied kid , to let them know that there is so much more the experience that is good that greatly outweighs the bad , to show that the best antidepressant or shrink is not at home or cost you trips to the doctors , but outdoors on your bicycle or motorcycle ,doing something that makes you happy.. and even when you can't do it yourself .. I want to give that to them thru my work so I can share that joy!

That is why I came here
Will you support me in my cause?
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Any bit helps for my friend :)  this could be used to help him go to a life event 
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