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Hello everyone, you can call me ShadowG, what I'm trying to do is set up my own production company. set on making new and fun,entertaining content. Along the way I'm searching for people to add to my team. On this pursuit I hope to make even better content that I can share with you. If anyone is wondering why its called ShadowHand Films well thats a funny story. when creating very low budget "meaning no budget films" you tend to have very few in your crew when filming. So the thought process was to become very Shadowy trying to keep a low profile, and with only five people in your crew the name Shadow(low-profile) hand(five fingers/ 5 crew members) plus it sounded like a ninja clan, Thus ShadowHand films was created. with that being said i'll try my hardest to have something interesting, insightful, inspiring, hilarious, Action packed, dramatic and entertaining. my group may be small now but we all have to start somewhere and with a little of your support and encouragement i know we can get to a point. where we can create great films so everyone can enjoy.
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we can start focusing more on bringing you stuff from week to week because ever bit counts and is greatly appreciated.
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