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A sort of tip jar! The reward is my love and a warm fuzzy feeling, as well as getting to see the drabbles posted here before they go up anywhere else.
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Commission tier! You get a drabble about a ship/character of your choice, with whatever theme you wish. Simply message me and I'll get it back to you as soon as possible. You'll also see the drabbles posted here before they go up everywhere else.




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About Shadow

I've made this page mostly to get a little bit of extra money while in college. Most of it will likely be going back to other artists through commissions and patreons!

I love writing fic, and I love getting to make stuff for people. Seeing excited reactions to fic made for them (or excited comments in general) is part of what keeps me going, and I'd love to continue writing for the forseeable future!

Drabbles will post here a few days before tumblr or any other page.

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