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For a $1 monthly pledge you will receive my sincerest gratitude. A writer is nothing without her audience and a platform of people who support her.
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With a $5 monthly pledge I will be happy to name drop in my next piece. I will use your name and some interesting trait of your character or personality (which you can decide on) for a character in an upcoming short story.




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I am a writer. Each of my stories creates reality in fantasy. I breathe life into people sewn together with Times New Roman, imbue pages with souls, and orchestrate the goings-on of whole realms that exist only in imagination. My work will take you places. My work will make you feel. My work will do great things, and you have the opportunity to help me get started.

Fluff and pretty words aside, I am also a starving college student just looking to get my name out there. My goal is to raise enough money to pay for entry into national writing competitions in order to earn a spot on the pages of literary magazines or outright publication as a way to get my foot in the door. Everyone has to start somewhere, so I am starting here at Patreon as a way to connect first with an online audience and then move my way up to print publication. 

As always, your patronage is wholeheartedly appreciated. I hope to personally connect with anyone willing to help my cause in its early stages and would love to hear your feedback about any of my work.
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There are a number of national writing competitions open to any who pay the entry fee. Funds at this point in time are short and even the small entry fees look daunting to my slim bank account. This amount of money would grant me entry into two or three of these competitions each month.
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