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My heartfelt thanks for your support.
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My gratitude, naturally, and access to the private Patreon feed which will be a compendium of my ramblings. I promise not to go mad and over-do it with millions of posts. Mwahaha! Envisage one a fortnight (every 2 weeks).
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My eternal gratitude and a short story once a month, and why not. You also get access to the private Patreon feed.




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About DC

Welcome to the Shafted Writers Club, home to writer DC Pae, future ace Freediver.

Firstly, eternal gratitude to anyone who donates, it’s appreciated from cellular to cosmological level.

So my Patreon is, naturally, all about Freediving, obvious right… because I’m an enthusiast who needs further training. And I’m going to become an instructor so I can travel around Asia, or anywhere (and possibly everywhere) else documenting it all for You. But I’ll still be writing - And diving, and there’ll be sun and sea and wildlife and interesting oceanic scenes for your pleasure. And travel writing; I’m certain there’ll be a lot more of that. And there’ll be art as I’m a painter to boot.

I’m a writer of novels, non-fiction, film, TV and all the other stuff floating around out there that you probably never really notice. I’m also a ghostwriter, so you may not even know that your favourite author is actually yours truly. And because I’m a writer, and it’s an odd creative existence with not a great deal of security, sometimes things get tough. Especially when your work is endlessly bootlegged, so you don’t actually get paid for your travail. Oh, and I live in Central London and when I’m not there I’m in New York City, two of the most expensive places to live and work on the planet. Sounds glamorous… *coughs*

But there’s more to life than being stuck behind a desk.

So please help me get myself to Asia to learn my new trade, buy some cans of beans to live off and generally be a lot more interesting than I am in London. And I’ll document it all for ya’ll, naturally. Things might get a bit more turquoise round these parts.

Thanks guys!


$25 of $2,000 per creation
When I reach this goal in total I'll produce my novel, Fisk, as an e-book. It'll be exclusively available to Patreon sponsors from the $25 level for 3 months thereafter, before going on general release - so you get to read it first. Lucky dogs.
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