is creating unexpected theatre in unconventional spaces with beer (and you).
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All That Glitters is Not Gold
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First up: You're incredible. Your support means the world to us, and we couldn't do this without you. If you ever need a ride to the airport... still don't call us. 

$1/month gains you access to Patreon content like Hidden Gem Beer Reviews and Podcasts as well as our community tab.

If you want to support us but can't afford a higher tier right now, this is a fantastic way to show us love and stay connected with what we are up to.

Plus you get to feel all warm and fuzzy about helping us, and not just because you're drunk.

Thy Kingdom for a Horse
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If you crave more than just our undying gratitude, donating at $5/month grants access to our extended video content like "Shakenotes" and "Drunk Shake-story." Laughter and learning from the comfort of your device? It's the best of all worlds! 

This also gets you everything from the first tier: Podcasts, beer reviews, and our sweet, sweet lovin'. 

Why, Then the World 's Thine Oyster
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Those who give $10/month get invited to Secret Shows.

Maybe you missed a production we did and you're still beating yourself up? Maybe you want to see something we haven't debuted yet? Maybe you want a Shakesbeer adjacent experience like our immersive exploration of the occult in the Bards work? This is the tier for you!

These exclusive shows will be a way for us to engage our madcap community through personal and unique experiences while stretching our creative muscles. 




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About Shakesbeer

The Wit’s Shakesbeer brings beer soaked renditions of Shakespeare’s plays to bars and breweries around Colorado. This isn't some hoity-toity theatre experience with tickets and un-comfortable seats that smell like bad perfume. This is theatre by, of, and for the people: loud, boozy, and fun. 

Shakesbeer will always be free, but financial support means we'll have the funds and extra time to focus on creating more - and higher quality - shows, branch out into new projects, and even take some shows on the road. 

We appreciate every last one of you. 

Q: Why Don't You Sell Tickets?
A:  The primary goal of Shakesbeer is to return the works of Will to the beer-loving masses. The best way to do that is to make our shows financially accessible. Making sure Shakesbeer is financially and locationally viable for our fans is as important to us as making it linguistically and culturally accessible. Donations and tips help us put on these shows, but we don't want you to feel obligated to pay for them. We won't be selling tickets and if you can't donate right now, that's ok! Your support still means the world to us.

Q:  Can I give more than $15/month?
A:  You can always give more than a tier asks and still receive that tier's benefits; we may open higher patron levels at a later date, but before we do, we want to be confident that we have content worthy of that level of giving. If you have ideas on what you'd like to see, let us know: We want to engage with and serve our community as much as possible!

Q:  How do I contact you to get involved? 
A:  So glad you asked! Send us an email at -- [email protected] -- with your contact info and how you want to get involved with our project. We are always looking for new venue contacts, new players for our stage, and new producers looking to help put on shows.

Q:  How do I find out about shows?
A:  For the ongoing and upcoming shows we have --
Our Instagram page Wit.Shakesbeer and Our Facebook page

Q:  I heard you do secret shows, how do I get invited to those?
A:  Secret shows are going to be a special thank you for the hugely generous $10-$15/month Patrons, and information about them will be exclusive to the Patreon page.

Q:  Didn't someone else write all those plays anonymously?
A:  Short answer, no.
      Long answer, no and we'd love to talk to you about this in person because Patreon has a limit on how long this section of the page can be and Charles especially has a lot to say on the matter.
$143 of $250 per month
At $250/month Shakesbeer could invest in two desperately needed things:
1. A storage space for costumes, props, and set pieces. Currently, cast members have apartments stuffed full of these things, which makes having rehearsals and readings in these spaces incredibly difficult. This space will double as a company workshop.

2. An updated website. We dream of a that is user friendly and full of information about our shows and company. This will include a fancy calendar, photo gallery, and a shiny new contact page - have us at your kid's bat-mitzvah (attendance 21+)!

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