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Hey all, Shalthis here!

I'm a writer for esports and pro wrestling. My articles are currently on Rocket League Garage (, JAM Gaming (, and NoDQ (, just to name a few.

I had a series of strokes in April 2016 that left me unable to talk, walk, eat, or use much of my right side. Since then, I have been in rehabilitation.

As an eSports shoutcaster (or commentator, for those not in the know) that specializes in Rocket League. I also hosted a series of online shows about the competitive Rocket League scene, such as the weekly state of the Rocket League scene in the Rocket League eSports Wrapup Show and the EU and NA Power Rankings Shows, all which aired throughout the week.

As a shoutcaster, I have had the fortune of working with groups such as Rocket League Central, ESL, Gfinity, Mock-it League, and Pulsar Premier League just to name a few. As I build my writing career, I want to be able to continue to develop cool and unique content for Rocket League and eSports in general, but I need your help!

With your contributions, I will be able to do awesome things for you while also supporting myself so I can produce more and more unique Rocket League content!

Thank you all for your support thus far and whatever support you may continue to bring my way! <3 you all!
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This is my dream. To be able to focus on creating Rocket League content as my full-time job. Fortunately, I am in a position in my life where that target is surprisingly low (all things considered). If I can raise $600/mo, that will allow me to continue to do great things for the growing Rocket League eSports and gaming community!
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