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About Shamanic Mental Health

Welcome to The Shamanic View of Mental Health, a project which intends to build a website to publish original content in the form of writing and video, as well as collate existing content and resources related to indigenous and non-western approaches to mental health crisis. This online platform will also cover the re-emergence of shamanic and/or spiritual perspectives on mental health challenges.

The essence of The Shamanic View of Mental Health project is to provide training material, teaching practical skills and perceptual models for people feeling overwhelmed by involuntary non-ordinary states. 

This Patreon page will not be withholding any material behind a paywall. The purpose of this project is to make this information available to as many people as possible.  This project is about creating maximum benefit for the community, so if you would like to help support the creation of more content to assist people struggling with mental health challenges please consider contributing to this project on an ongoing basis. 

Who are the content creators?
My name is Jonathan Davis and I have skills in experience in both media creation and shamanic perspecives on mental health. For the past three years and a half years, I have been running a Facebook page called The Shamanic View of Mental Illness, which currently has around 20,000 members.  I have around 20 years of experience working with non-ordinary states for the purposes of healing and personal growth, with the past ten years being much more focused on learning how to use these skills in the service to others.  I regularly assist people as a peer carer during mental health crisis both in person and online and I also offer integration counselling and coaching for people experiencing challenges integrating difficult voluntary non-ordinary states.

I have worked professionally in film and TV since 1999 and I currently work as a film lecturer and a freelance writer.

My lovely wife, Even Dawn, is will be creating graphics design, teaching me to build the website, creating animation and motion graphics.

If you'd like a sample of the kind of written content I intend to create and curate for this project see the following articles. 

The Shamanic View of Mental Health | Uplift

An Indigenous Approach To Healing Trauma | Uplift

How To Hold Space For A Mental Health Crisis | Uplift

The Opposite of Addiction is Connection | Uplift

Understanding the Ancient Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness | Uplift

Shamanic Approaches to Healing Addiction | Uplift

'A writer is someone who is sick of repeating himself.'
While I'm not sick of it, I am repeating myself a lot and there must be a more time efficient way to share this information with more people. On the facebook forum and in private sessons as well as years of research on this topic is now converging into a system of understanding that seems to effciently and effectively offer guidance and support that really helps people cope during serious mental health challenges.  

The time has come to use my media skills to amplify these techniques so that they can become accessible to a wider audeince.  

If you'd like to assist in helping to make that happen, please consider supporting this project on Patreon. 

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