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is creating That's a Shame | A 'Comedy' Podcast
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About Isaac BD and Declan Dillane

Hello, Friends.

If you're here, you probably already know us a little. We go way back. If you're new, welcome on board! We're Isaac and Declan, and we do a 'comedy' podcast called That's a Shame.

What's All This Then?

That's a Shame is a labour of love. We'd be lying if we said we didn't get at least as much (and probably more) enjoyment out of making the show as we hope you do in listening to it. It's a blast, and it's something we will continue to do until at least around the time that the catastrophic heat-death of the universe takes down our servers.

The show will always remain free of charge. But, with your support, we can kick it up a notch. More content, better production, and a whole host of moderately-to-extremely exciting goals and rewards. The show improves, the Shame City network expands, and you get exclusive access to a whole lot of cool stuff. You're the wind beneath our wings.

Shame City Loves You

We profoundly appreciate every one of our listeners for taking the time out of your lives to humour our nonsense each week. We love hearing from you online, meeting you in person, and getting to know you, and the Shame City community has quickly become one of the most rewarding parts of our lives.

If you listen to the show, if you get in touch, leave reviews, or tell you friends (#WoMiBoM), you're already supporting us in a big way and for that we are eternally grateful. But for as little as 50¢ an episode, the price of a mouse's espresso, you could help us to make That's a Shame bigger and better. And get something in return!


- We make a podcast, it'll always be free,
- Something about heat-death,
- You can support us from just 50¢ per episode,
- In exchange for your support, you'll unlock exclusive rewards and goals,
- We love you in a big way.
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Video Boys

Until now, you've only consumed us with your ears. Once we hit this goal, we'll commit to putting out one piece of video content per month. We don't know what they'll be, but we'll find out together.  
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