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My name is Shane Eide. I'm the editor at There you will find fiction, our journal called The Burning Block, which I edit as well, along with our blog, which is updated frequently.
I write novels, novellas, short stories, vignettes, poetry, essays, aphorisms and fragments which sometimes defy genre.
One could say that my fiction, ultimately, is comical or satirical, with touches of the surreal, the absurd and the fantastic. I've published one book of short stories in digital form called Artists go to Hell. The blog at Emergent Hermit is where one will find my essays and other writings, as well as featured items from The Burning Block. In these writings, I deal with philosophy, metapolitics, religion and spirituality, culture and social commentary.
As most of my work is currently digital, your help is greatly appreciated as it will further my endeavors to put my work in print. Also, in the future, I plan to start a podcast with my wife, Kathryn, an artist, but we lack the necessary equipment.
Every contribution will go toward augmenting these projects to their full potential and the creation of new projects, as well as freeing up more time to continue and enrich these projects. It will also help me pay some bills and provide for my growing family. I offer my heartfelt thanks for taking the time to experience and enjoy what I have to offer and for any generous gift you're willing to contribute.
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