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At the end of each month, you get our monthly Studio Treasure! It could be a free comic, free game, phone wallpaper, fun sound effects or a set of custom avatars! You also get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to our in-progress works!  

Live Entertainment
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You get a universal 10% discount on all studio commissions and services. 

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Receive a $100 credit towards any studio commission of $200 or more each month. Credits expire if not used within 30 days.



About Cold Beverage Studios

My name is Shane Lochlann Black. I'm the Internet's original stunt writer. Me and some friends of mine run an animation outfit called Cold Beverage Studios. We make comics, games, books, art, original soundtracks, original character voices and videos.

Our Patreon is our premium membership club, where we invite our clients and our friends to join in the fun. We post our works in progress, do behind the scenes features on our various projects and of course, we'll be showing off our finished work, and do we have a lot of finished works! 

Join us, and we just might build you something more fun than a rocket-powered unicycle, and about as useful.

2.0 9/26/19

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