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You will get an email with every release, with links to a build for each OS and a thank you for your support.
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Same as the previous reward but your name will be included in the game credits and on my main website under the "Patrons" tab.
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Same as the previous two rewards, but with access to the source code! (You cannot use the source code to make a monetised product)




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What is Patreon?

Patreon is a bit like Kickstarter, but instead of pledging money for something to be completed at a later date, you say how much you want to support a Creator by and ONLY when the Creator (in this case me) releases some content will you be charged the amount you pledged.

You can even set a limit, this means you can set a maximum any Creator can receive from you in a given month so you don't break the bank.

Who am I?

I am a second year college student of Game Design. We are working on our big project now but I always end up making small gameplay prototype every month or two when a new idea pops into my noggin. They are usually small prototypes focusing on a single game mechanic, sometimes a blending of two or three game mechanics.

I develop mostly in Unity3D, so I am able to deploy anything I make for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. (I'd love to do iOS but no iDevices).

I love the idea of putting my games up for anyone to play, hopefully Patreon will help cover some of the cost of that as well as helping pay for college and the other expenses daily life brings.

$2 of $15 per Game / Prototype
This covers the cost of my website Both the domain name and the bandwidth costs.
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