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I'll thoroughly answer a guitar, theory, or music-related question to the best of my ability, with the full scope of my thinking and personality. 
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Hear unreleased jam sessions, sometimes with a group, sometimes chamber ensemble, sometimes solo.  Perhaps I am getting comfortable with an alternate tuning that I am working with, so I want to stretch out and record myself so I can hear what works and what doesn't.  Well, these types of recordings which never see the light of day will be yours to listen to and enjoy, warts and all!  Plus, take your pick of one CD or LP or Cassette I have released.  One copy per year, and depends on what is in stock.
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A private monthly lesson via skype or in person if you can make it to my home studio, or I happen to be in your city and it is convenient for both of us.  Plus any new albums I release.  If you do  not want the music lessons, I will make a downloadable music playlist from my vinyl collection for patrons at this tier.  




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"The guitar is an instrument from which a note begins to die the moment it is born. You can closely follow its decay down into the abyss of environmental ambient noise, where its purposiveness is rendered purposeless, as with nature in its manner of operation. Ah, the beautiful. No need to press it to wax, no artifact to leave behind for the alien anthropologists of the future to unearth. Just a poem scrawled on a chit that you immediately throw into the burning fireplace upon conceiving it." --Shane Parish, from the essay I Got Nothing, published in Arcana VIII, Musicians on Music, 20th Anniversary Edition, edited by John Zorn

The Same and the Other, by Shane Parish's long running band, Ahleuchatistas, "stands as one of the most intense documents of compositional rock complexity ever recorded." --John Zorn

"Shane Parish is one of the most interesting new guitar voices to come out of the country blues tradition..." --Marc Ribot

I am here to compose intricate forward thinking music for rock band and solo electric guitar, arrange folkloric songs for the contemporary and avant-garde acoustic guitar repertoire, and teach a comprehensive mindful guitar practice that emphasizes embodiment, effortlessness, creativity, freedom, and joy.

I plan to offer instructional videos, performance videos, essays, flashes of inspiration, arrangements, and more. I have several longterm projects in the works, so I can offer behind the scenes glimpses of my processes and progress.  I am a historian of the guitar in that I play all possible styles of music on it.  I work as a sideman, a soloist, a band leader, a composer, an improvisor, and a teacher.  I am enthralled by the endless possibilities there are to explore on the instrument, and I am an eternal student. 

I am fortunate and grateful that people have expressed interest in my music over the years and that many people have come to me seeking knowledge.  It is humbling.  Many years ago I made the commitment to focus ever more intently on the quality of my work and not worry about many of the distractions that life throws one's way, thinking that if I did this: things would fall into place...  And they have, only reinforcing my original plan to keep diving deeper.  With your support, I hope to shift more of my focus to ambitious compositional projects, and to an even deeper overall musicality.  

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When I reach $500 I will start a podcast about my life as a guitar teacher, filled with useful information, good solid practice advice, very funny anecdotes and wisdom I've gained from teaching young children, and more.  
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