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The Pringles are the users who donate 1 dollar. And let me tell you, do not feel bad for not giving more. Every cent counts. And I want to thank you for helping me out. 



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I am a minor working his way up in the community. So many people in my life inspired me to strive to become what I want. And that is a writer, actor, director, and entertainer. I've started myself in the YouTube community with blogs, gaming videos, and my show called Sherftler. I am currently working on multiple movies and shows. Also, there's one thing I live any on my channel. I love feedback and suggestions. Suggestions on what videos I should make next. What I could use to improve my videos. Things I should have in my shows and movies. Everyone who watches my channel has the right to be involved. Because you shouldn't just watch, you should be involved. Thank you.
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I know this might seem like a low number but I honestly don't think many people will donate right now so I would be very surprised if we reach this number. And if you are one of the people who helped me, thank you. 
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