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I like stars a lot, and for one dollar you can be one!  You'll get to see my shitty first drafts, read poems sent to users who subscribe to the constellation tier, and I'll probably cry if I get one person into this tier.  (Candid pictures upon request)
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Sustain my life and photosynthesize me.  Buy this and I'll light up like, well, a ray of sunshine, and I'll write you a haiku.  Every.  Single.  Month.
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For my poet friends who are looking for something to write about, I'll send you a unique, detailed prompt each month.  No repeat-sies!




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About Shane Robertson

Hi, I'm Shane and I want to study computer science.

Last year my father passed away unexpectedly from esophageal cancer.  This not only permanently emotionally damaged me, but left me without the fiscal means to return to college.

I plan on going back in the fall of 2019, and to do so, I need money.  

So, in exchange for your monetary support, I'm here to write poems, shout into the void, and have a good time!

I'm grateful for all the support I receive, sentimental or monetary!
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I'll compile a playlist of songs that make me so happy I almost die.  I'll even share it with you.
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