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About Shane Wilcox - Artist

Environment, Economy, Spirituality, Politics. 
Everything has always been shifting and it constantly changes entire social constructs.
Just simply by how we choose to perceive.
This nonstop movement, is what primarily motivates themes in my latest works.

Demonstrated in the compositions, with repeated geometric patterns found in most structures, from biggest to small. It's all connected
Twisted branches and roots, leading our point of focus on a journey around boldly colored shapes. With vivid highlights and deep shadows. Creating dimensions of multi-leveled presentation. Such as, from u.v reactive, to glow in dark elements. Depending on what type of light is cast.
These pieces are manifested meditations and the perspectives are meant to pull the viewer into a moment, or two of wonderment.

Truly brings me great joy to present my original work & photography with you! 
I've always felt an obligation, as a Creator, to share essential awareness.
The same message that all important teachers throughout time have tried to convey.
We Naturally come from Love and Compassion.
Art is that reminder to break through the installed distractions.
Time for us to vibrate higher frequencies, in this ever changing landscape.

Much Thanks for your ongoing support & enjoy the collection of Paintings, Drawings, Commissioned works, progress shots & videos, photography, artist life living & more!

Let the sharing begin... 
Shane Wilcox 
London, Canada
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