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About Shanice Green

Hey peeps! Shanice here. WELCOME TO MY PATREON. Thanks for coming.

What's Patreon?
Glad you asked!

I like to think of my Patreon as an online tip jar! Let's break it down..
You decide you want to help me bring my music to the masses, pledge $1 or more, and get rewarded! This is a monthly pledge, and you can cancel at any time, for any reason.
You'll still have my love and appreciation!

  1. Click the "Become a Patron" button and choose your monthly pledge.
  2. I provide you with music and other cool rewards.
  3. You help me achieve my goals!

You're giving me the opportunity to do music, and spread good vibes to the people. THANKS FOR JOINING THE TEAM! #TeamShaniceGreen (is that corny? okay, I'll stop)


If you're reading this, we've probably already met (either in person, or online). I love finding new friends on Instagram, so if you're from IG, WELCOME!

If we met at a show, hello again! Thanks so much for checking me out.
To all of my friends & family, I'm so glad that I still have your support after all these years. It means so much!

If you don't know me, here's a short intro:
I'm Shanice. I sing, write, and play guitar here and there. I'm pretty much obsessed with blues and soul music, and I'm currently (and always) working on new music.
I live in Atlanta, GA (and on Instagram).
Here's a link to my official website if you wanna hear some sounds

WHAT IS PATREON? (longer version)

The Patreon platform allows me to give my supporters direct access to my songs & videos.
It's the perfect way to support the artists you love so that we can continue to what we do best.. Make more art!
You pledge just a few dollars each month (as little as $1 or $3), and I'm able to focus on my passion (writing songs, releasing music, and practicing guitar).

Now would be the perfect time for you to check out the different rewards (on the right).

My current goal is to be able to avoid things that distract me from making music.
In the coming months, I'll continue to build my brand, write & record new music, travel to different cities for shows, and purchase new equipment so that I can bring you new tunes!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE & SUPPORT! My email is open if you have any questions :)

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When I reach $500 per month, I will begin recording my full-length album with a band!
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