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My stories aren't for your typical science fiction fan.  

My stories are for those of us who think a story about how Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon is just as interesting as that whole galactic war with mythic overtones thing.  My stories are for those of us who remember the personal relationship subplots of our favorite sci-fi TV shows better than the actual episode plots.

My stories, in short, are for those of us who think people are a hell of a lot more interesting than plot.

All of these stories will, eventually, be published and available at your favorite ebook retailer.  By becoming my patron, you're getting early access.  This does mean that the stories as read here might be a bit different when finally published.  I promise, though, you're not getting rough drafts.  You're getting the final version of the story, there just might be changes to clean up grammar and punctuation and stuff like that before I put them in a book.

My plan, at least right now, is to release one or two things a month.  Sometimes it will be a short story, sometimes it will be a piece of a novella, and sometimes it will be a chapter of a novel.

And if you have found this before there are any stories up, I'm sorry.  I had a plan for how I was going to launch this in a few months, but am going ahead and doing it now because of Patreon's changes to their fee structure.

(Source for images:  NASA and the NSSDC.  Use of these images does not mean the site is endorsed by NASA.)
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Each thing I post is now paying for the tea I drank while writing and editing it!  In celebration of first reaching this goal, I'll post a picture of my cat.  I might even be in it.
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