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Hello wonderful people!
I am so excited to bring you new content through Patreon. You will be given early and/ or exclusive access to my new songs, both demos and fully produced singles, be it originals or covers. Some songs will be released eventually, but others will never be released to the public.
For a dollar, you get 1 song per month.  You can choose to pledge a larger monthly amount if you wish (and that is greatly appreciated!)
You may also donate at
I hope that you will come with me on the journey.
          Shannon :)

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Tardigrades are almost indestructible and can even survive in outer space. 

Be an invincible tardigrade for $1 per song and get:

•One digital download. Will be released monthly.

$32 of $1,400 per month
When I reach $1400 per month I will celebrate by putting out a full-fledged music video! I'm talking writer, director, actors, dancers, lights, set pieces, camera operator, makeup, hair, and wardrobe.
It takes a lot of work and a lot of money to put together a video. When we reach $1400, my patreon members can help me decide which song we can do and what the concept will be. I will throw out some options and we will decide together!
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