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Shannon Ivey MFA, AEA, is the founder of the #whatshesaidproject.  Ms. Ivey is from Memphis, TN, receiving her undergraduate degree in theatre from Mississippi University for Women and an MFA in Acting from UNC Greensboro.  She has performed, directed, devised, taught, and facilitated from Providence, RI to Washington, DC and now to Columbia, South Carolina thanks to a vibrant career as an actor, theatre professor, and TedX speaker.  Her last professorial appointment at South Carolina State University lead her to theatre activism, and most specifically, to the work called TO (Theatre of the Oppressed.) 

From Shannon:
I began producing in the Story Slam format in South Carolina in 2014.  When I moved to Columbia, SC in 2015, I continued doing so under the name Soda City Story Slam (Soda City is Columbia’s nickname), and then, to encourage and hold space for what was a gap in the participation of women, I changed the name and focus to the #whatshesaidproject. 

Through the subsequent #whatshesaidproject story slams, I have witnessed growth in the confidence of participants and community members, increased activity in their making art, in participating in democratic processes and protests, as well as having anecdotal evidence of the experience “changing their life”.  Women are telling their stories, leading to more women telling their stories, creating community connections, and stepping into leadership roles.

Thank you for showing up for this.  Every contribution is appreciated, not just by me, but also by the humans I collaborate with, the cities we live in, and the folks who get to enjoy the final product.  These love ripples are felt near and far, and I am sending one back to you.

Thank you.

More information can be found on our facebook page and our website: www.whatshesaidproject.com

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