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is creating Stories, poems, non-fiction essays and digital art
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Agnijaat, Agnishatdal, Agnimalya
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  • English Ezine Agnijaat.
  • English Ezine Agnishatdal
  • Agnimalya- a mini book that will contain story/poem/artwork/and anything that is around that month.




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About Sharmishtha Basu

Love stories? Poems and maybe illustrations too? Like I did and waited all month for the monthly magazines to show up? Well  hopefully you are in the right place then! I love to write and paint and have too much time in my disposal, so I utilize them by writing and painting. You can check them out and help me into making them grand success!

I am waiting for a group of patrons who will help me into making something out of my artistic, writing career (Other than my wholehearted gratitude they will get my creations every month)! I usually sell these works at the same rate outside patreon, so their generosity will be duly respected and rewarded!

So if you love stories, poems and paintings and small essays about different things like movie, music, world then become my patron maybe you will fall in love with them! You won't know if you don't read a few, right? 

Let me know your views after checking out my works, don't forget!
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When I reach $200 per month I will hire someone and make my home-based Ezines actual Ezines (start paying authors, creators) and start spending money on marketing my books!

Every new book I write after that will reach the inbox of my patrons (of that time)!
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