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About Ave Messer

I'm a creator of superhero comics, most often dealing with transgender issues.  You can find my comics here:
Karabear Comics - the hub/homepage for my comics
Almighty Protectors (Tapas link) - my primary comic, centered around eight heroes who have adventures across universes
Karabear Comics Presents (Tapas link) - an anthology comic in the Karabear Comics universe, each issue potentially following a different character
Black Wraith (Tapas link) - a dark avenger of the night, fighting for justice in a city whose police department is primarily corrupt
Wonder Super (Tapas link) - a comedy comic about a man with great power and responsibility, but who knows he's in a comic
Elemental Four (Tapas link) - a reality show focused on four element-powered siblings as the producers will stop at nothing, legal or not, to gain viewership
Defenders of America (Tapas link) - eight of the universe's strongest heroes band together to fight the threats none of them can face alone

Like I mentioned up there, my primary comic is the Almighty Protectors.  Sadly, it is often pushed to the side, as I have a job that barely allows me to pay rent.  Helping me through Patreon will help me create my comics and the like with more regularity, as otherwise I have to prioritize other things ahead of it.  It can also help me get more series going on a continual than just the Almighty Protectors, as I can then hire collaborators.
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I'll be officially earning more than my job gives me--I'll likely be able to make comics be my full-time job!  That means more frequent releases/less possibility of hiatus.
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