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About Shawn Gan

Hey there! My name is Shawn and I do a lot of astrophotography. I mostly post on social media and make prints available for purchase. I focus on wide field Deep sky objects; Orion, Andromeda, Cygnus, and many others. Im passionate about astronomy and photography, mostly as it relates to exploring our universe and forming a deeper understanding of the world around us. I love talking about astronomy and cameras with people and I recently changed up my YouTube to reflect that. I put this together since my cost of living is pretty high, I don't have many opportunities to expand my hobby and sharing my wonder of the universe with other people is enough to keep me going, but some help along the way is greatly appreciated!

I post most of my work on Instagram under @shawnastrophoto but I'll be posting more here as I go!
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This is my first goal towards acquiring the post processing software PixInsight. I used it for a month during it's trial period and was astonished with it's results. This program will greatly increase the quality of my images! 
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