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About Shawn Mihalik

Hi there. I’m Shawn Mihalik.

I’m a novelist, short-story writer, essayist, journalist, and magazine editor. I’ve been known to dabble in photography and other visual arts.

In 2013, my first book, a novella called The Flute Player, was published by Asymmetrical Press, an independent publishing company founded by Colin Wright and The Minimalists, all of whom would go on to become dear friends of mine.

Since then, I’ve published four more books, embarked on a 35-city tour, and have helped other writers get their own work out into the world. And through all this I’ve learned that, in many cases, the old publishing models don’t work. Sometimes they do, but for many artists, independence—total ownership and control—is the only option that makes sense. But independent artists still need to eat. Photographers need cameras. Painters need brushes. And even writers need to hire an editor (because friends don’t let friends edit their own work).

By supporting my work here, you’re allowing me to spend as much of my time as possible creating, without having to worry how I’m then going to sell what I create. I strive to create at least one new story or essay every month or so, and each piece of writing will be accompanied by a piece of visual art: a cover, as it were—a painting, a photograph, or a drawing created in tandem with the piece of writing, meant to complement it in a way that can happen only when the artist controls the entire process. Sometimes I’ll even venture into the world of the photo esssay, journalism, or comics.

Besides the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to fund art, supporters will receive other benefits as well. All supporters will get access to occasional Q&As, bonus blog posts and recommendations, and other fun things. Higher-level supporters will receive electronic or print copies of my books each time a new one is released.

To everyone contributing: Thank you. I appreciate you.
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