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About Shayla Maddox

2019! It’s time to change things up.

I’ve been an artist since 2004. The bulk of my career has been spent painting, but that’s not where I started out. Paintings were intended as a portable way to continue my installation and experiential art when I no longer had community funding or the resources to do it myself. The art we made required groups of people to build and construct. There were things like woodwork, spray paint, and electrical engineering involved ~ even the occasional need for dry ice.

It wouldn’t have been possible to continue alone. I benefitted greatly from the experience and contribution of a group. When we disbanded in 2007, there was nothing like Patreon to turn to. I kept painting because I’m passionate about it. I can get lost in it. Painting will always get me through.

But I’m not alone anymore. Now I have you. The world has opened up.

I want to build things again. I want to bring my paintings to life, instead of the other way around. Thin Spaces you enter and experience, not just ones to hang up and look at. Art that exists in the moment.

And that’s exactly where Patreon comes in. It helps me go from small paintings to big paintings, big paintings to walls, walls to buildings, buildings to public events and straight into your soul where we can enjoy the art created together. :)

It’s all and more. Like PBS, but prettier. 

Your membership allows me to think bigger. It helps fund numerous educational opportunities and their associated supplies and costs. It lets me consider internships and other ways to learn from more experienced artists as I get better adept at educating others. It paves the way for collaborations with fellow artists. It will eventually provide for public installations and multi-faceted group projects.

Bonus - the entire journey will be documented right here. Writing, video, behind the scenes. Watch it unfold or make your voice known. Here, you’re part of the process.

Thank you so much.

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200/1000. Hey we're 20% there. :D Something to look forward to! When we reach 1000 Patrons, I'll throw YOU a party! I will organize, curate, and host a gallery-style opening -- with you as my guests! Like the old shows I threw before 2013, except... bigger. We'll have paintings, giveaways, live music, adult beverages -- did you know tonic water is blacklight reactive? You've never been to an art show like this before. I'll create for you an experience. I'm thinking Los Angeles or San Francisco -- which would you prefer? Indoors? Outdoors? We'll broadcast live, so you can drop in from anywhere around the world. I'll even use multiple cameras. The technology! The excitement! The madness! It's a goal we can reach together and there's a party at the end! I'd love to meet you there. Let me do the work. You just enjoy yourselves. This party is for you!
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