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Jason-> You're just here to have fun!
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Like Jason, you go with the flow and just love to learn when you have the chance to, but don't feel the need to spend too much. I'm so thankful!! 
Chidi-> Your uncertainty is okay!
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Like Chidi, you like dipping your toe into the water. You may not want to jump in but you're still willing to be supportive. Thank you!! I love you for this <3
Eleanor-> My my you're so self-assured!
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Like Eleanor, you know what you want. And what you want is more content from little 'ol me. I'm so flattered:*




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I make content for the frustrated citizens of a dying empire. Video essays, reading vlogs, podcasts and more. Whatever it takes to get through this hell and peaks my interest. Becoming a patron gives you a behind the scenes look at my “YouTube journey”. Expect bloopers, rants and dark political memes.
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If 20 people are willing to support me, they’d probably love a community too. I’ll start a Discord and maintain daily discussion on it once this goal is met. All topics and perspectives welcome. 
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