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About SheepTranslator

We are a three people group who make novel translations from japanese to english (and stories and creepypastas from english to spanish)

Leoito, he's the main translator, and, he translate from japanese to english, that's all.. Nah, he reply some comments too xD

The guy who's writing this calls himself Panadero (baker in english, it's a long story) Oh wait! that's me! ohohoho. I don't read novels (OH, IT'S A TRAITOR OF THE MOTHERLAND) but I don't dislike them, I prefer Animes and that sort of things because I'm too lazy to read (I love videogames). Anyway, I manage the website, upload the releases, approve comments (I'm watching you), make logos or designs for the site and manage social stuff. I translate too, but from english to spanish.

There is a third person, she's very busy with work and can't translate, but she brings ideas and opinions :)

Leoito has read a lot of novels and he's sick of sites with 1000 popups, 500 url shorteners and ads in every single space (and me) (especially while trying to read on the phone) that's why we try to keep our site clean from ads (except from Wordpress ads :feelsbad:) but we have responsibilities, studies and work, and it's physically impossible for us keep this up free forever, that's why we made a Patreon because here you can help us and receive advantages, it's a win-win deal!

Thanks to all of you, even you decide to support us or not <3
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