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About Tina Amy Hill

Hi! I'm Tina, and I'm an aspiring game developer currently working on independent game projects with my partner, Dana.
Together we make up the team we like to call "Magical Miracle" - so named for our flagship project, Magical Miracle Mira! Our games are designed to be fun and accessible, and as queer and disabled women, will often (though not exclusively) feature characters and themes that reflect this.

Supporting me here on Patreon means helping me turn this into a viable full-time career, which of course means being able to dedicate more time and effort to producing great content! Your contribution is deeply appreciated!

If you'd like to see what we are capable of, please take a look at the Game Jam demo we were able to create in just a month - "Nazi Slam" - we think that despite its limitations, it's a reasonable showcase of our abilities.

We have the skills; we just need your support!

Some of our projects

Here's a sample of the projects we're working on!

The Rainbow Thief

A short, narrative-driven action-adventure game in the style of classic 2D Zelda, set in a world where cruel and petty gods taunt the people beneath them, and gloat about their selfish ways.

Our hero is taking a stand against them, and players must help her climb to the top of a huge mountain, braving every challenge along the way.

Trans-Galactic Freedom Force

An arcade-style shoot-'em-up meets run-&-gun platformer starring a fun cast of space animals fighting space tyranny in both spaceship and jetpack combat.

Inspired by arcade classics of the ‘90s, with spaceship gameplay reminiscent of Gradius and Thunder Force, and jetpack gameplay that can be best described as “Balloon Fight with guns”.

Magical Miracle Mira

An action platformer reminiscent of games like Mega Man and Shantae, starring an adorable magical robot girl named Mira.

Mira can gain new powers through costumes, giving her new combat and movement abilities and even allowing her to reach previously unreachable places.

Who are we?

Tina is: A computer science professional with university level study in multimedia & game development. She has previously worked as a web designer and developer in a commercial setting. Ever since Tina was a child she wanted to make video games, and over the years she’s taught herself many valuable skills including programming, drawing, 3D modeling, and graphic design. She also founded the “English Puyo Puyo Community” Discord chatroom, which has over 3000 members, gaining valuable community management experience.

Dana is: A college Film graduate, who studied many aspects of digital media production, with a key area of focus in animation. A skilled animator, mentored by Disney-Pixar alumni. A life-long artist and lover of games, with a long-standing passion for writing and storytelling. She has an unquenchable thirst for creation; a need to bring things into existence; this manifests in a number of eclectic hobbies and disparate skills. Dana fell into programming when she decided to try modding the game Don’t Starve, making one of the game’s most popular character mods and developing many skills in the process.

What will this patreon fund?

By funding this Patreon, you are helping to pay for the general costs of living, enabling time to be dedicated to these creative pursuits instead of things like looking for paid employment. The less I need to worry about my finances, the more I can work on awesome games!

Please note that anything seen here is subject to change as development progresses.
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My goal is to reach a financially stable self-employment situation, so I can spend more of my time working on our projects.
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