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As low as only $1, you will be able to get access to my daily sketches, doodles and/or work-in-progress, that I may or may not post elsewhere. Seems simple, but it's the thing that keeps me going everyday, and would be beneficial to those curious on how things go on in my brain everyday, especially to witness the work I execute on growing my own skills.



About Lovisa

Greetings, my name is Lovisa. I create arts of many different genres; portraits, realism, semi-realism, anime, manga, still-life, nature, animals, concept art and illustration. You name it! Mainly creating this Patreon page to be able to support myself in times of need.

You can mainly find me on my Twitter account and/or my Instagram account. 

I appreciate any comments, feedbacks and the sort and by the way, while I'm at it, my drawing commission is always open! You just need to drop me a message for any inquiry. Cheers!

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