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I will go buy a $1 coffee with this and go on a little central park walk break in between working towards finishing my comics so you can one day read them and have your third eye opened in splendour at the whimsy and magic that I have inserted into them.<3 Thank you <3

Lunch is on you! <3
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Thanks so much! I can go grab a coffee AND a bagel thanks to you! Truly appreciate your assistance on this long and spooky storyteller's journey in the dark! Feel free to contact me any time for queries on how things are going, or if you're up for a chat in general about what ever, though my knowledge is mostly decent in that of the creative fields of character design, improving your art, finding your voice and brand through art and how to design and locate your perfect partner.

I'll never let you leave my heart <3
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You are now one of my best friends. The others I all made up and live in my head. <3 Lets get intimate and talk about philosophy and  our dreams of world domination, because clearly you believe in me, and I believe in you, I just don't got any money to give you yet, sorry, but when I make it, you can come play with me in my mansion because that's how rich you get from making graphic novels correct? Also, I will put your name in the credit graphics of PYRO just like in da Disney movies <3 One day when I FINALLY get published, I will send you a copy of PYRO and maybe some merch that I haven't invented yet.

I love you !

Sincerely Shellzki.




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Just some storyteller trying to become a female version of NeilGaiman/Tim Burton or Stan Lee either level would be good. <3 Follow my spooky journey from the creative process to getting professionally published on Instagram, Tapas, or Webtoon, whatever works for you!
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When I make this much from getting published and selling my comics all across the world, I will buy a big mansion and invite everyone to come and we'll have a really nice time together <3
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