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About Sherrilyn

Hi there! I'm glad to see that you come across with my page. Please read more if you are interested and take a look of my artwork. :)

I have been drawing all my life and always knew that my biggest wish is to become an artist and that I could find people that enjoy seeing what my imagination can do. I'm a huge World of Warcraft fan and that has influenced my drawing and painting a lot and I used to make lots of fan art but I've recently been trying to go my own way which still stays a bit in the fantasy zone.

I have been searching my way for all my life and tried a bit of this and that but never could enjoy anything as much as i do drawing and painting. So a year ago I decided I wan't to go into an art school and learn more to make my dreams a bit closer. It was a one year community college and I learned so much about what it is to be an artist and all the new ways to paint and see the world around you. I wish to get into a university to study more arts but they are so hard to get in!

Now my plan is to keep on doing art and I want to share it with people so here I am! Thank you for your interest and I hope you maybe become a Patron to support my work and see more content!

I also make commission works so feel free to contact me in discord for more information!
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