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Tuesday Tarot Videos
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These videos will show you the cards that were selected for Tuesday Tarot plus additional clarity cards and more.

Essential Oils & Their Uses
per month

These videos will share with you wisdom and uses for essential oils.

Monthly Horoscope Videos
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These videos will provide you with the energy around each of the 12 signs for each month, one video per sign. I highly recommend that you watch your Sun, Moon and Rising/Ascendant sign videos each month. If you don't know all three, you can create a free chart online.




As a Psychic, Energy Healing, Akashic Record Reader and Past Life Consultant, I adore sharing what I learn and guiding you in your own Spiritual Expansion process.
What I'm eager to share with you includes: 
*oracle and tarot (how to read cards - starting with Intro to Tarot)
*chakras (how to clear them and why it matters)
*astrology (how to create a free chart and learn about it by clicking symbols)
*numerology (what the main 1-9 numbers and the Master numbers mean)
*crystals and gemstones (what properties they have and what you can do with the stones)
*meditation and visualization (I love to share possible ideas and ways for you to connect to Spirit)
*yoga, chanting and mantras (eventually, I will offer 1 pose a day)
*energy work and Akashic Records (I guide you through self healing)
*Law of Attraction and Universal Laws (there are plenty of 'rules' that we follow here on Earth)
*Past Life Consultations, Ancestry Healing and more (releasing past life karma creates momentum)
*Spirit Guides, Angels, Teachers, Ascended Masters and Loved Ones (Your Team is always there)
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I’d love to help guide 555 of you through Self-Healing and Spiritual Expansion. 
You’re meant to thrive and I’d love to help you create that experience!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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