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About She's All Fat Podcast

We are April K. Quioh and Sophie Carter-Kahn, two writers and friends living in Los Angeles, and creators of the She's All Fat.

We created SAF because there’s not a podcast like it - a fun, entertaining, body posi space entirely devoted to fat stories; a place to literally hear our voices.

We've launched our show, we love working with our all lady/femme-identified pod squad, and we put our heart and soul into the episodes. 

(Update: We also have a lovely third partner, Maria Wurttele, our editor-producer! She makes this whole shebang possible and we split the Patreon equally three ways.)

Why are we on Patreon, and why did we send you to this page?

Being an indie podcast is a wonderful creative challenge with a lot of freedom, but also a lot of challenges - many of them financial.

Creating the pod takes time and resources, from one-off costs like our theme song and logo, to the many hours we and our family and friends spend working on the show. We also have to balance our time on the pod with our time making money at our boring other jobs.

Eventually, we'd love to devote all of our time towards making the pod better (and creating more episodes, meetups, rewards, and whatever else we dream up), and we can move towards that goal with the support of our community of Patrons.

What do you get out of supporting SAF?

Supporting SAF means you'll have our sincere gratitude and the knowledge you're funding a unique and much-needed space. You don't get to tell us what to do, but you do get to give us your input. You're a part of this space, and we want it to be safe and fun for you, too.

With that support, you'll also get some cool lil rewards like ringtones and postcards, access to private groups and behind the scenes content, and/or lots of other fun stuff.

We're big girls with big dreams.

If you can afford to, please become a Patron. 

We love making this pod, and we love you.

Thank you.
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