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is creating ART with heART <3
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About Shinkan Seto

💙 ART comes from heART 💙

What can you expect to see when you become a patron of mine?

♡ self-sewed wonderful cosplay costumes with painted tribals, embroidery and knitted parts
(what about you earning some advices here?)

♡ crafted weapons and armors, as close to the original as possible
(get new ideas for material and coloring - even tutorials!)

♡ edited astonishing photos (want to see the before and after editing?)

♡ drawings - no matter if realistic or manga style -> you are at the right place to see both!

In conclusion I'll post many work in progresses and sketches here.

What about life streams or speed paints?

Let's decide together :)

I am looking forward to you!
$0 of $2,000 per month
The ultimate goal!
With THIS I can finally quit that one job I don't like and just live from my art!

the calculation is pretty simple:
I just have to find 2,000 awesome persons who are willing to spend a dollar per month!

Together we can reach that goal! ?

With this goal reached I am able to do more tutorials and lessons for you, so help me to get it!
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