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About shirleycreates

My name is Shirley and I'm a visual artist. Many of you may know me as a graphic designer or someone who prints t-shirts, banners, marketing material, etc. For the past 6 years, I've focused heavily on my design and printing business but my dream is to ultimately create a very unique kid's clothing brand that I believe will be a new and exciting experience for both children and adults alike.  It wasn't until I recently started watching My Little Pony and was introduced to the MLP community that I realized my passion is in art and storytelling, regardless of the medium it's on. It's inspired me to pursue many projects and improve my craft in animation and printing. 

I've started this Patreon because I've realized how much I love creating art but what I'm looking to achieve will take a lot of time and focus that I would need to dedicate. Keeping up with my business will be very tough but it is my main source of income. I usually work independently, some of the projects that I have in mind I'll need help from other creators and being able to pay them for their contributions, along with myself. These projects include artwork for the MLP fandom, a kid's animation starring a talking pencil named Sketch for my kid's brand,  I Made This, and also materials to make these projects come to life! 

Art is truly my passion, in all forms, so finances have never stopped me from creating, especially when it's super fun and awesome!!! I've always been able to make due with what I have :) So please do not feel compelled to support me but if you would like to, then it would enable me to find more help, build a team, and make these dreams I have a reality. It's taken me a while but I've finally realized that although I think I can do everything on my own, I know that with others help we can accomplish so much more together. 

So thank you so much in advance! Every little bit helps!

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I'll be super excited and thankful #1!!! Annndd I'll have more time to spend on creating more art. I'll upload 1 finished art piece per week, whether that's MLP or IMT. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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