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About Shirley Hooper

Hello There, Welcome to our family! 

I am Shirley and I love you are here. I had created this page to invite you into my artistic world. I am a professional Chef but Art had always been part of me since I can remember I want to share that part with you. I love to create and experiment with different techniques and mediums. 
By opening a Patreon and with your help I will be able to take it on full time and bring a great content for you to enjoy.

A little about me: I was born in Bogota, Colombia. Since I can remember my family had always been passionate about Arts whether it was performing arts or visual arts I saw how important and engraved in our blood it was. When I was 10 years old I moved to Miami, FL USA, where I kept enjoying doodling and got more serious about it to the point of having my first expo at only 12 years of age. I really enjoyed it but some how got busy with school, University, and work after graduating and left that side of me in a box for a while. Until now! I had regain my passion for art and would love to share with you what I had learned and what we can learn together. Join me on this adventure!

What is Patreon?: Patreon is a platform that allows me to have income while giving you in exchange rewards, videos, helpful information, reviews, and bring you alone in a day to day of my life as an artist.

Tiers start are only $2 US Dollar and you will unlock our world.
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