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About ShitsujiDeathCosplay

Pledging will give me more funds for my hobby of cosplaying and I'll be able to create more content to do cosplay related videos and possibly twitch streaming soon. It can fund the equipment for twitch as well as huge cosplays that have been a dream of mine since the beginning such as Ezio Auditore De Firenze, Rapunzel, Lady Death and more!

I have a goal to become a well known cosplayer that actually connects with fans. I want to talk to you guys, I want you to ask how I did this or that and most of all I want your support. I don't do Patreon for the money. Just the funds go to special things. I'd like to be a role model cosplayer. Been doing this since I was 15 and my skill level wasn't what it was.

I want to create new content and do different kinds of shoots. Shoots I plan in the future are some sexy ones (moderately sexy, I won't be showing too much skin), on location and more studio shoots. I also want to be able to make small cosplay shorts featuring a certain cosplay. That video will show every piece of the cosplay up close and me modeling it on location. New content also entails HUGE cosplays. Cosplays that require a lot more effort and skill to do. (Armor and princess dresses)

 None of you have to do this. You are NOT obligated to fund my cosplay. Yes, I do make money for me to live and support my hobby, this just gives extra funds and also rewards to the amazing supporters I have. Other supporters will still get normal content on my youtube, Facebook and instagram (@shitsuji_death_cosplay) This is for anyone who wants a little more content (especially different kinds of content) and really wants to support me and what I do to the max.
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