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If you pledge 5 dollars to my patreon, you get to see speedpaints that are public to you and you only! Exciting!
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If you pledge 10 dollars to my Patreon, you'll be able to access speedpaints that are exclusive to you and you only! Not only that, but I draw something for you! Please specify which style you'd like me to use. Commission rules apply. 




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About me!
Hey there! I'm Gabriel. I'm a nonbinary afrolatinx artist! 
My goal!
I'm a freelance artist that struggles with financial issues. I don't do any other type of professional work with my art. I'm learning new things about art everyday, but Drawing is what I'm best at! My goal is to feed my family by what I am best at doing: drawing and giving others content that they enjoy!

If you pledge to my Patreon, there are a number of things that you get access to, but it majorly depends on how much you pledge. You can get access to speedpaints that are exclusive to you, scrapped artwork, and PSD files! If you pledge $10 or more, you get a drawing provided by me!

$4 of $20 per month
If I reach this goal, I release public speedpaints as celebration!
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